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To tell a story

To tell a story. We purchased a summer cabin in Aug. 2014. My husband had a pretty big brain surgery a few months before. He was told to leave his job of 24 years. He was feeling down and depressed. He didn’t make it for early retirement which made the situation worse. Trying to cheer him up I was getting him a fishing boat. Under fishing boats popped up a cabin on Shelley Island. It was on leased land. Knowing we shouldn’t buy leased land we went to see a couple . Some were down where you did own the land. After talking to the land owners York Haven Power Co, they assured us these have been there for decades and we had nothing to worry about. We decided to do the least expensive way. We bought on Shelley Island where York Haven has ownership of the land. From the very first day we were there people were telling us Londonderry Township wants us to leave. I called York Haven back. I asked about that senerio. The person on the phone said LT comes snooping around every few years. We give them what they want and they leave us alone again. So we went on our way about trying to obtain things to fix it up.
In the spring not even 1 year later we were told we can’t transfer the trailers known as cabins any longer. So our investment now became valued at $0.00. Then we waited it out again. Being assured again this is temporary. Then the news came we all had to become compliant with FEMA. Ok so we will, what will it take? On hold another winter after being told by Londonderry Township and YHPC we will inspect each cabin and tell you what’s needing done. Waiting again!! Then the Township said no way and signed a compliance agreement with YHPC stating we have to be off in 2 seasons and then pay to remove our cabins and personal stuff. In another meeting a month later they said we will amend the agreement if you can find a way to be compliant. So 16 month of planning and fundraising took place. LFHOA Homeowner Association was formed.
The board found a way to make it all happen. To please the landowners, FEMA and Londonderry too. Londonderry didn’t want to hear a word of it. Just like that!! I believe I’ve been Thieved!! Yes only a thief would allow you to spend your money, then get hosed while lying to you for 3 years. I believe there is more than 1 thief involved. Who takes a disabled man’s money and a veteran at that and hoses him in the end? Well I’d have to say all involved which is a lot of elected individuals and more.
I was asked for my story of why I love the island. Because it was a place our family could grow together and have fun. It’s a place where we became family to islanders that have helped us many times. It’s a place my grandchildren can build lasting memories.
It’s a place 2 of my family members fighting CA have relaxed and enjoyed life if only for a day. We lost my aunt and the memories of her having fun there will last my lifetime. It’s where my husband felt wholesome again. It’s where my grands want me to take them.
Now it’s become another failure in our lives. LOnderry Township states under no circumstances will they let our landowners let us stay. YHPC is right, it’s been there for decades. We pay realestate and school taxes to Lower Dauphin and never once received anything for improvements to our island. We have a couple that just celebrated 58 years on that island. I truly hope this governing body knows what they are taking away from about 280 families.
Thanks for reading our story. God Bless us with a miracle ❤️🙏❤️⚓️ Amen!

2017 Sponsorship Opportunities!

As you all know, last year we came together in a hurry and flew by the seat of our pants through the season.  This year, we wanted to be a little more organized in our approach to fundraising and sponsorship opportunities….so we came up with something a little different. We wanted to incorporate some of the feedback we got last year which was to offer the opportunities earlier in the year, and allow for people to sponsor the season rather than coming back with each event.

Know any businesses impacted by our presence on the river or who might be willing to contribute their support of our cause? You can download the LFHOA Donation Letter to learn more about our cause and this year’s progress and our LFHOA Sponsorship Form to donate to  a specific event or events, or the entire season.

River rats are committed to patronizing the businesses who are in this with us. We appreciate your support!

Tri-County Boat Club’s Bash to Save the Islands

Tri-County Boat Club's Bash to Save the Islands
Tri-County Boat Club’s Bash to Save the Islands

You don’t want to miss this year’s Save the Island’s Bash!!!           hosted by Tri County Boat Club

This event is going to help raise money for LFHOA to keep the fight alive for our island homes. Don’t miss this fun night of friends, music, & dancing!
Saturday March 11th, 2017

I.w. Abel Hall
200 Gibson St., Steelton

Each ticket is $35.00 & includes 3 drink tickets for beer &/or wine, heavy hors d’oeuvres, & live entertainment, featuring Soul Solution & a special performance by Vicki’s Tap Pups!!!

(Cash Bar)

This event is open to the public
You must be 21 or older to attend
No tickets will be sold at the door

How to get your tickets
Online at
Mail in cash or Check with this form

If you have any questions please contact Vicki Kuba or Michele Comp

Check out our event page

This is a fundraiser, no ticket refunds will be granted, it’s all for the good of the cause!

LFHOA Official Membership Roster

As we shared in our last community meeting, the definition of who we represent is important now. If you filled out a form at the meeting, no action is required by you at this time. If you have not yet filled out one of our official membership applications, please print out the attached copy and mail it back to the address below.  We are aware many of you submitted addendums to us, to show your support. This is a little different. We must have a signed hard copy on file for each cabin that is still “in” with us on this plan and partner with SEI to develop it.  For now, this membership is limited to residents on Shelly and Beshore,  who are  or are trying to become (transfer not completed) licensees, and we only need one representative member from each lot.

This is the just one of the  first steps for us as our plan is still currently in progress. We will open this up to our friends on other islands  at a later stage, we’re still all in this together.


Click link to print form  and mail back to this address.

Attn: Membership

Lake Frederick Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 61793
Harrisburg, PA 17106-1793

“What is a Poker Run?!?!”

So we were asked a great question!!!
“What is a Poker Run?!?!”


If you were here in 2012 you will remember all of the fun had that day as we came together as a community after Bill & Betty Little lost their beloved cabin to a fire early in the season. We spend nearly a full summer planning the fun & giving that would follow!
After a fun day on Shelly we raised enough $ to donate over $4,000 to the Londonderry Township Fire Department. Which lead to great friendship & support that carries through today!

We are holding our 2016 LFHOA Poker Run on September 3rd!

So here’s what you can expect!
Fun! Community! Giving! & Fundraising!

The Poker Run will start at the picnic area.
The donation is $10.00 (kids 12 & under are free.

Once you get your wrist band & playing card, you will move around the island stopping at different stations. You can walk, run, golf cart, tractor, bike, dance (whatever you feel like)

Each station is hosted by island volunteers who have been busy planning their themes and fun. (Think a cross between a carnival, pub crawl, and tailgate:)

Some of the stations are just for fun & will have games, drinks, &/or treats & some will include playing cards.

This is where the “Poker” comes in!

At each of the 5 card stations you will pick a card, adding to your “hand”. You will pick up your final card at the Finish line! Whoever has the best poker hand at the end wins!

We will have a prize table & other fun at the start/finish line!

We will be donating 20% of our entry donations to the Londonderry Township Fire Co. Everything else goes to our fight to ‪#‎savetheislands‬

Come PLAY with us!


Purchase your Poker Run T’s at by Clicking “Get Your Gear” (This appears at the very top toward the left if you are accessing it from a computer or way way at the bottom if you are accessing from a smart phone)

Donation Challenge!

Started by one of our own river rats, Ms. Sherrie McCartney, we’re looking to get 200 people to donate $10 each, and if we meet this goal, she will add another $100 donation! Such a smart idea! It’s really picking up, and we’ve had a couple other people offer to match her donation, as well as a couple others who will double it if we can do this by 7/31.

Won’t you help?

Back by popular demand! Susquehanna Chili Meltdown 2016


The 2016 Susquehanna Chili Meltdown will be held June 18th (Rain Date: June 19th) on both Shelly and Beshore Islands!

There is a $20.00 entry fee for Chili Makers (Chefs)
Chili Makers will receive a 2016 Susquehanna Chili Meltdown Apron and a Susquehanna River Rat coffee mug (The mug is also your tasting ticket) and a chance to win a CASH PRIZE!!!

There is a $10.00 entry fee for Official Taste Testers
The Tasting Fee is $10.00 and includes a Susquehanna River Rat coffee mug

*** Entry forms and Tasting Sign ups are posted below ***

Shelly Details:
Location: Event will start and End at the Farmers Landing, there will be 5-6 tasting locations on Shelly
Time line: 12:00-2:30 Tasting, 3:00 Voting Concludes, 3:00-3:30 LFHOA Update Meeting, 3:30 Winners Announced

Beshore Details:
Location: Lot 8 and possibly others near by
Time line: 3:00-5:00 Tasting, 5:00 Voting Concludes, 5:00-5:30 LFHOA Update Meeting, 5:30 Winners Announced

How to pay using PayPal