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To tell a story

To tell a story. We purchased a summer cabin in Aug. 2014. My husband had a pretty big brain surgery a few months before. He was told to leave his job of 24 years. He was feeling down and depressed. He didn’t make it for early retirement which made the situation worse. Trying to cheer him up I was getting him a fishing boat. Under fishing boats popped up a cabin on Shelley Island. It was on leased land. Knowing we shouldn’t buy leased land we went to see a couple . Some were down where you did own the land. After talking to the land owners York Haven Power Co, they assured us these have been there for decades and we had nothing to worry about. We decided to do the least expensive way. We bought on Shelley Island where York Haven has ownership of the land. From the very first day we were there people were telling us Londonderry Township wants us to leave. I called York Haven back. I asked about that senerio. The person on the phone said LT comes snooping around every few years. We give them what they want and they leave us alone again. So we went on our way about trying to obtain things to fix it up.
In the spring not even 1 year later we were told we can’t transfer the trailers known as cabins any longer. So our investment now became valued at $0.00. Then we waited it out again. Being assured again this is temporary. Then the news came we all had to become compliant with FEMA. Ok so we will, what will it take? On hold another winter after being told by Londonderry Township and YHPC we will inspect each cabin and tell you what’s needing done. Waiting again!! Then the Township said no way and signed a compliance agreement with YHPC stating we have to be off in 2 seasons and then pay to remove our cabins and personal stuff. In another meeting a month later they said we will amend the agreement if you can find a way to be compliant. So 16 month of planning and fundraising took place. LFHOA Homeowner Association was formed.
The board found a way to make it all happen. To please the landowners, FEMA and Londonderry too. Londonderry didn’t want to hear a word of it. Just like that!! I believe I’ve been Thieved!! Yes only a thief would allow you to spend your money, then get hosed while lying to you for 3 years. I believe there is more than 1 thief involved. Who takes a disabled man’s money and a veteran at that and hoses him in the end? Well I’d have to say all involved which is a lot of elected individuals and more.
I was asked for my story of why I love the island. Because it was a place our family could grow together and have fun. It’s a place where we became family to islanders that have helped us many times. It’s a place my grandchildren can build lasting memories.
It’s a place 2 of my family members fighting CA have relaxed and enjoyed life if only for a day. We lost my aunt and the memories of her having fun there will last my lifetime. It’s where my husband felt wholesome again. It’s where my grands want me to take them.
Now it’s become another failure in our lives. LOnderry Township states under no circumstances will they let our landowners let us stay. YHPC is right, it’s been there for decades. We pay realestate and school taxes to Lower Dauphin and never once received anything for improvements to our island. We have a couple that just celebrated 58 years on that island. I truly hope this governing body knows what they are taking away from about 280 families.
Thanks for reading our story. God Bless us with a miracle ❤️🙏❤️⚓️ Amen!