An island life

As children we were able to run around a neighborhood to play with friends, develop socially and learn how to solve problems on our own, a time where we nor our parents had to worry about a “bad guy”, a time that has since past. As I raise my five children I look back on my childhood and compare how different it is nowadays. A constant fear of allowing children to play in the streets until the street lights come on has not only affected my children but all the children that are our future.

I wasn’t always a river rat, but was blessed to be introduced to the island life as a young teenager. It goes without saying for most of us that many wonderful memories and friendships have been molded from a life on our island properties. With this tight knit group of family and friends I have the ability to allow my children to experience a childhood like I had without fear of something horrible happening. Everyone on the islands look out for one another, and are always willing to provide a helping hand. How many people who jeopardize our way of life on the island can look at there neighbors in a community and can say without a doubt that they would have an enormous amount of help at their doorstep when something needs fixed? When something goes wrong with their home or vehicle they are calling an electrician, a plumber or a mechanic and paying for these services. On our islands if someone needs help we are there for them without any hidden expectations. We don’t have neighbors we have a river family that we can all count on in a time of need. This island isn’t just a place to relax and kickback (in fact I work more here than I do relax) it is a place where my children can learn, grow and experience life. Our cabin is cable and internet free which forces the kids to put down electronics and the remote and get outside to be active. It challenges our children to use their imagination to keep them from being bored, something that is lost in today’s world that is full of instant gratification through technology.

My primary residence on mainland isn’t right around the corner from grandmas house. But on the island it is. Because of this their bond is stronger than it would be if we didn’t have this property. This is important to our family and for child development.

It absolutely disgusts me that Londonderry Township and the monkeys behind the mic fail to recognize the benefits of the island properties and have the audacity to lay claim that all we do is party. I can say for myself that the majority of my time on the island is spent helping others, raising my kids and teaching them how to grow into respectful and responsible adults. To those who jeopardize this way of life this is my promise that I won’t back off and I won’t go with out a fight and with that I say fuck off to these corrupt bastards!

-end of rant- 😉


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